4 Reasons Why DNA Profiling is Important

During the last twenty-five years, a lot of advancement has been made in the area of DNA profiling and this advancement has made it possible for individuals to be identified through their DNA, which can be gotten from biological materials like the hair, semen, blood, and others. The DNA contains the genetic materials that it is in the billions of cells that are in our bodies. It basically holds all the unique information that makes us who we are.

The sequence of the DNA code is almost the same in every human, but there are important constituents in the DNA that separates an individual from another. The differences between DNA are what scientists have used in accurately identifying individuals.

New research has shown that DNA profiling can identify an individual in a more efficient and accurate way especially when compared to the traditional fingerprint method. DNA profiling has been used countless times to determine paternity and family relationship which of course the fingerprinting system cannot do.

DNA profiling is very effective when it is used on people with different DNA, but in the case of identical twins, it is somewhat different, obviously because identical twins usually begin their life with the same exact DNA. But this does not mean that DNA profiling cannot be used to distinguish them. The DNA of identical twins can be distinguished through advanced techniques.

Lastly, tests can be done using DNA to find out if one has defective genes, and this can help identify what diseases your future offspring is susceptible to. By knowing this, one can adjust their lifestyle to mitigate or put their future offspring at lesser risk. There are many commerical companies that offer this service to consumers, one of them is Mapmygenes and more infomation can be found on their page here http://www.mapmygene.com/services/disease-susceptibility-test

Method used in DNA profiling

In recent years, a lot of people have thought deeply about the role DNA profiling plays in modern times.  Interestingly, there have been numerous cases in both the private and the public sector where DNA profiling has been used in the identification of individuals and establishing family relationships. These cases show that DNA profiling matters are important.

Next, we are going to be looking at four ways DNA profiling has been used in recent years.

Identification of criminals

DNA profiling plays a very important role especially when a crime scene is been investigated. It can be used easily to identify a culprit through any body fluid or biological matter that is left at a scene. This is particularly important in the rape case. Prior to the use of DNA profiling, rape cases were almost impossible to solve, but now, things have changed in that small, biological remains like hair follicles or shedding skin can be used to identify a culprit of a crime.

This technology has also been used to exonerate people who have been jailed falsely for a crime that they did not commit. You can learn more about how DNA profiling has helped in exonerating innocent people from prison here.

Identifying the remains after a tragedy or disaster

After a disaster like an air crash, flood or a car crash, it might not be possible to identify the remains of victims physically. DNA profiling is used here to identify bodies that might be unrecognizable. DNA profiling makes it possible for the family members of accident victims to be able to put their dead loved ones to rest and to start recovering from their loss.


If a child and his/her parents are separated since birth, finding the identity of one’s biological father is not easy, but it is possible through DNA testing. Over the years DNA profiling has been used to establish the relationship between people.


Many today are really curious about their ancestry. Through DNA testing it is now possible to establish relationships between an individual in a particular area and beyond.

In this article, we have been able to see the important roles that DNA profiling has played in the past.

In the future, it is likely going to be used in predicting as well as knowing the role it plays in a child’s intelligence level as well as other important areas of life.