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How do all the treatments for pain relief stack up

How do all the treatments for pain relief stack up?

Any pain which lasts for longer than a few months is termed chronic pain. A few special cases of chronic pain cannot be cured but most other types can be cured depending on the treatment used. The first step to curing chronic pain is to understand what is causing the pain and where exactly the pain is coming from. This is arguably the most important step as understanding the pain helps you choose the right course of action. The second step consists of choosing the right treatment for your pain. The choice you make depends on-

� How long the pain has lasted
� How severe the pain is
� What’s causing the pain
� Where the pain is coming from

Types of pain relief treatments

A magnetic patch from PIP Singapore which makes a back pain patch Singapore is your best bet to curing your chronic pain as it can cure a whole host of pains. The magnetic patch is a one size fits all type of treatment while other treatments are for more specific kinds of pains. It is also very cost effective when compared to the other treatments in this list.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is another type of treatment in which a doctor targets the specific nerve that sends pain signals to your brain. The doctor uses a needle with a tip that heats up to zap the nerve so that it cannot send the signal anymore. RFA relieves pain for up to a year and isn’t very cost effective versus magnet patches which are cost effective and can completely cure chronic pain.

Pain shots are another option in which a doctor uses an x ray to find out where to put specific medicines that he will recommend. Steroids and anaesthetics are prominently used in this type of treatment. Many people stay away from this treatment over magnetic treatment because of the use of drugs and chemicals in pain shots. Magnetic treatment is natural and completely drug and chemical free.

Opioids are different from Pain shots in the way they are administered. A pain shot is injected into the bloodstream while an Opioid is consumed. Opioids are dangerous because they have shown many harmful side effects like drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, addiction, accidental overdose, dizziness and constipation. It is understandable why people would like to stay away from opioids when they could undergo magnetic therapy to achieve similar long lasting results.

Magnetic Therapy Where it All Began

Magnetic Therapy: Where it All Began

As we are all aware, the use of magnetic therapy is rampant nowadays. You can find magnet-made relief products in drugstores, wellness centers and trading places all over the world. Scientists and people have learned to use it in ways that are convenient for anyone who will use it. Thus, for those who wonder how this kind of alternative healing began, the first thing to look up is history because that where evidences is found way before researchers have conducted their study on magnetic therapy.

The never-ending question in the history is, “does it work”? It is ironic because how are we supposed to know if we are not to try? To answer this without taking risks, we refer to the records and testimonies present.

If you are looking for pain relief via magnetic therapy, look for PIP Singapore. They are Japan’s #1 Magneto-therapeutic Device and are one of the most established magnetic therapy. Check out their site today:

To see how this practice innovates, we will read an article written by Richard C. Senelick, M.D.

Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Pain?

Almost every sporting goods store, pro-shop or web page has an advertisement for therapeutic magnets with claims of pain relief and a better golf game. There are magnetic bracelets, necklaces, shoes inserts, mattress covers, head bands and, yes, dog collars. It certainly isn’t new. But, is there any scientific evidence to support all of these claims? Read full article here

There are no specific names or places that are believed to be the origin of magnetic therapies but studies have found that is being using all over the world even before industrial revolutions took place. Being used by Kings and Queens in the early centuries, magnetic therapy has proved its effect to one’s health over time. Before it is cultivated to as mattresses, jewelries and binders, people have used the stone itself and this is probably why people in the early age had so many superstitions and belief about alchemy, magic and witchcraft.

For the next article written by sshowalter for FoundHealth, let’s take is when therapeutic magnets are first used.

History of Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy has a long history in traditional folk medicine. Reliable documentation tells us that Chinese doctors believed in the therapeutic value of magnets at least 2,000 years ago, and probably earlier than that. In sixteenth century Europe, Paracelsus used magnets to treat a variety of ailments. Read full article here

To end the fallacy, modern physicians and scientists have conducted several studies and experiences to know—or for some, to show that magnetic therapy works for some. Using technology, they are able to identify the materials used in the magnets and how they react to the chemical and physical aspects in the body. Together, they are able to use magnetic fields to ease chronic illnesses as well as devices that can detect or diagnose an occurring one.

By doing this, the days of mystery and guessing why is this certain type of stone is magical. Well, in a sense, it is magical because it can relieve chronic pains and disorders in no time and eventually, get rid of them. Understanding how our human body works by the cell level gives us a better perspective on how to treat common illnesses without taking medication and suffering from its side effects.

For the last article by Dr. Jockers, we will be able to know how the effect takes place to our body.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?:

Magnets work by improving circulation to the damaged region and improving the injured cell’s polarity.  Magnet energy is considered a catalyst which speeds up biological processes and enables the body to reduce inflammation and heal itself.  Magnets also speed up circulation improve oxygen and nutrient absorption into the targeted cells. Read full article here

In the theory of evolution of humans, we have passed the Stone Age and people from this era could also have possible used magnets in their daily lives. However, it could be of another form and appearance and we only know about it by artifacts. There are claims that magnets are first discovered in Greece but in some commentary, magnetic therapy is first used in the East. With this, there is no specific name of region mentioned that proves where magnetic therapy is invented.

Moving on, there is no other way but to improve the products we have today and the possibilities are endless. Some of the devices invented may be surprising but if you think about it, it is also what people in the ancient time have felt when they first discovered the use of magnetic therapy. The point is, no matter how many times and how many versions of tools human can create, the benefits of this alternative healing stays the same. Unless the manufacturer produces a substandard product, then magnetic therapy could be a fraud.

Know All About DSRC Technology

Know All About DSRC Technology

DSRC of Dedicated Short-range Communications Technology is a primary field of R&D for a network dedicated solely for uses related to transportation. Check out some of the fundamentals of DSRC.

Defining DSRC

It is a dual-way capability for short-to-medium-range communications, which permit extremely high data transmission important for communications based road safety applications.

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Typically, an intelligent transportation system facilitating cars with the assistance of new drivers, smarter infrastructure, as well as, features of autonomous driving are looked upon as a means for decreasing the number of fatalities and traffic accidents and enhance fuel efficiency and improve traffic congestion.

Ways in which DSRC technology can be used

There is a widespread anticipation that the DSRC technology can be applied in vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V communications and vehicle-to-infrastructure or V2X communications. It is expected to be especially handy for the latter since the technology supports rapid network acquisition, the capability to cope up with frequent and quick handovers, which are typical characteristics of any vehicle environment, support secure and low-latency transmissions and is extremely robust even when the weather conditions are not favorable.

Over 40 use case has been identified by the DOT for the V2I technologies like making payment for tolls and parking wirelessly, alert a driver when a vehicle comes near a curve on the road to fast, alert drivers of certain conditions like road constructions and adjust traffic signals for accommodating the initial responder in an emergency and so on.

The technology is expected to include

� Processes and systems needed to make sure that the network is a trusted one and support managing the security credentials.
� Interfaces for controlling traffic signals for application needing timing data and signal phase.
� Positioning services to resolve vehicle locations for precision and high accuracy.
� Mapping services, which provide in-depth signage, roadway geometries, as well as, asset locations for different connected vehicle applications.
� Roadside communications enclosures and types of equipment, network backhaul, power, and mountings.
� Data servers to process and collect data for distributing distribution and offered by vehicles.

DSRC offers high dependability when required

Any active safety solution requires a high level of reliability. The utility of this technology comes into action when a car is running at a high speed. The DSRC technology has the ability to perform very well even when the weather conditions are unfavorable are extreme like rain, fog, and snow. The technology makes sure that even during high speed; vehicles are able to deter collisions and crashes, thus reducing the number of accidents and fatalities.

The risks in IT business & how to protect your IT business wisely

The risks in IT business & how to protect your IT business wisely?

The freelance business is growing worldwide. The growth is very significant that some times in the future it is expected that freelance workforce will be bigger than its permanent counterpart. Since more and more small business emerges and operates to provide professional services and consultancy to the customers, so too the risks of professional liability lawsuits or claims will increase. IT field is not excluded in this scenario.

If you are looking for a corporate or personal insurance provider, you should consider Allegiance Associates. They cover a wide range of professional insurance in Singapore. You should check out their website here.

In fact, IT professionals or contractors might be more prone to professional risks than any other businesses. The risk may not be obvious like a collapsed floor when a building is still under construction, or death of a patient under medical treatment due to negligence, or loss of compensation in legal action because the lawyer of the case failed to highlight certain important facts already made known to him. But a problematic line of coding can similarly contribute to software failure that cause major disruption to business, or an overlooked bug can cause monetary loss to the customers as well. Unfortunate incident like theft of project laptop can entails lots of trouble, too, especially when the deadline is very near or if it involves confidential information that can jeopardize clients’ interest and profit. Markel direct explains five reasons why IT professionals should choose to be insured professionally.


Why IT professionals need to be professionally indemnified by insurance coverage



    1. No insurance, no contract.



Many contracts require you to have professional indemnity insurance, limiting the cost to the employer if you do make a mistake. Clients may be reluctant (or even refuse) to hire you without professional indemnity insurance. To have the best chance of getting a contract, arranging professional indemnity insurance is a necessity.



    1. Claims can bankrupt IT contractors.



A claim for an error or omission in a project could cost anything from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands. If you are uninsured, you will have to foot the bill for legal fees and compensation which could leave your financial situation vulnerable in the event of a claim. Read more here!


There is this one famous Malay proverb which says, “sediakan payung sebelum hujan” which means that we should provide an umbrella before the rain finally comes. So, let’s not wait until that heavy fall before looking for a good umbrella or at least a raincoat to cover ourselves from being soaked to the skin. Even though your business is small, when it involves lawsuit, no amount of money is small enough to cover for everything. It can easily cost more than 10,000 dollars even at the initial stage of the lawsuit, without court hearings yet. Imagine how much going to court might cost in the end. Tech Insurance website tries to paint some vivid pictures about the financial burden that a business might suffer when a legal case is brought against it.


Professional liability premium cost vs. cost of legal fees


The answer is different for everyone, but the costs to defend your business in a professional negligence lawsuit can add up before you step foot in a courtroom.


According to Braden Perry (@bradenmperry), a regulatory and government investigations attorney with the law firmKennyhertz Perry , even cases that get tossed out without going to trial can still cost a small-business owner roughly $10,000 to $15,000 in legal fees.




“For a case to go through the answer stage, discovery, and a ruling on a motion for summary judgment, it can cost a company roughly $50,000,” says Perry.




He adds that if a case survives a summary judgment, it could cost a small-business owner approximately $100,000 to take the case all the way to a jury verdict. Read more here!




Knowing the huge cost that might be involved in a business lawsuit, why are we still taking unnecessary risks by not paying for insurance premium? Choosing to be a securely insured business is the wisest step to take. Our business is our reputation, and our future depends largely on its success or failure. This contains more truth when we are talking about small businesses which operates on small-scale, because its capital and cash are not that big. Imagine losing a dynamic and growing business because of a silly mistake caused by a junior employee, for example. Such incidents can happen to anyone and any business, so be prepared to think beyond the ordinary. At times, it is not only negligence that can be the cause, but there is a wide range of mistakes that you never thought can sink a mighty ship like yours. An article has more to say about the probable situations that might lead to professional liabilities. The piece at Hiscox blog.


Expect more than negligence as the probable reasons for lawsuit against your business


While protection in the event of negligence forms the core of the cover provided by PI insurance, it’s important that you consider a policy that offers cover for intellectual property, dishonesty, defamation and loss of documents too.




Why? Because it’s not just claims of negligence that can harm a small business. However robust your processes are, it can be easy for you or one of your employees to slip up when juggling the day-to-day running of the business.




Perhaps an employee sends a gossipy email about a difficult client to a supplier and copies in the client by accident. Read more here!






So, really? Why the wait? Why the thoughtful look on our face, still? We must be thinking, “It might never happen to my business at all. My business is professional enough not to be smeared by this kind of lawsuits for five years already.” But luck cannot always be on our sides. When our business grow, more projects starts to pour in. We cannot wait until too late for the risk of getting a red flag, and the insurance company will deny to pay anything.


To conclude, never take the wrong risks. Be wise and protect our business as early as possible from having to pay for any expensive legal actions. At least we have something to fall back on during the hardest challenge that we have to face in the life of an IT business owner.

What goes into protecting yachts

What Goes Into Protecting Yachts?

Yachts are an investment to most people. Considering the costs that go into buying and maintaining them, most people spare nothing when it comes to its protection. People usually try to get the best they can afford for their yachts when it comes to its protection, like a security system to protect it from theft or waterproof covers to protect the seats and such. While yachts can do without a few of these protective measures for some time, the same cannot be said for marine insurance. Merely securing the yachts physically is no longer sufficient. The vast majority of the threats to one�s yachts are unpredictable. Having a good marine insurance policy for the yachts, enables people to enjoy them without worry and fear. In this article we shall discuss, what goes into protecting yachts.

If you are looking for marine insurance in Singapore, you should consider Allegiance Associates Marine Insurance. They cover both Marine Cargo and Marine Hull insurances. You should definitely look them up above if you are serious about protecting your marine goods or properties.

Seas and oceans are not to be gambled with
With weather changes becoming turbulent without any warning, marine insurance is the single most important protection for yachts. Hurricanes in the recent years have proven the might of nature. Most of the harbours around the world, have witnessed the capabilities of hurricanes first hand. Yacht owners who had gone for the full marine insurance were the ones who turned out to be smart in the end. People who had taken up bare minimum insurance, had to inevitably pay the price of gambling with the seas. The vast majority of yachts are frequently customised with the very best of what boat building has to offer. Surprisingly, a lot of yacht owners did not have the funds to salvage their sunken yachts, thus resulting in massive losses. Even though, such calamities of such intensity are quite rare, it is not an excuse for slacking when it comes to marine insurance.

Marine insurance protects the yacht owners apart from the yachts themselves
With unpredictable weather, there is no way to prevent yachting accidents before they occur. Marine insurance protects the yacht owners from severe financial burden in case of yachting accidents. Everything from injury to yacht damage is covered in most good marine insurances. While one is at the sea, so many things can go wrong, no matter how careful one is. Marine insurance is the only sure-fire way to protect oneself against all of it. Fortunately, with more people realising the importance of having a good marine insurance policy in place for their yachts, marine insurance premiums have become reasonable. It is high time yacht owners leveraged it to the maximum.

How Iris Recognition Could Assist Law Enforcement In Discharging Their Duties

How Iris Recognition Could Assist Law Enforcement In Discharging Their Duties?

Contrary to popular belief, the means to distinguish people based on their irises was existent for quite a few years now. However, with biometric security applications receiving a lot of attention of late, technological companies started their attempts to make it economical and viable for everyday use. With technology making progress in leaps and bounds, long range iris scanning is now finally a reality.

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While most people might find this farfetched, it’s only because they did not know that it was in works for quite a few years now. The US military has already been using iris recognition systems for identification purposes in Afghanistan from 2004 itself. With smartphones and tablets sporting biometric security measures now, iris recognition systems are bound to make an entry into everyday life sooner than later. Although iris recognition on its own is quite useful, there are a few applications wherein long distance verification is desired. This is particularly useful for law enforcement and counterterrorism personnel in discharging their duties. In this article we shall discuss, how iris recognition could assist law enforcement in discharging their duties.

Roadblocks to covert use of iris recognition
Human rights and civil liberties groups are expressly against the use of long range iris recognition systems in any capacity. Their concerns are about its potential misuse by the governments for their own vested interests. While this threat is very real, the unique benefits that long range iris recognition can offer cannot be summarily rejected. Intelligence proponents hope that people will eventually see that, the amount of good that long range iris recognition can do for them is way higher than its potential for misuse. Amendments which incorporate strict legal provisions governing the use of long range iris recognition, may be able to alleviate some of these concerns to an extent.

Potential usage scenarios
The potential applications for long range iris recognition technology are virtually limitless. It can massively restrict human trafficking and smuggling of criminals or terrorists to safe havens. Law enforcement officials can easily track fugitives, thereby ensuring greater security of the general public. Even though criminals can use long range iris scanning for their own illicit purposes, securing the databases with which iris identification can be achieved by stronger algorithms can mitigate this to some extent. Additionally, governments will have to accord people greater transparency to ensure that, their own agencies do not misuse this beneficial technology for their own selfish gains.