A Guide On Bathroom FaucetsĀ 

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How to Install A Bathroom Faucet

Are you updating your bathroom accessories and need a new faucet? The bathroom faucets available in the market are functional, and they also come in many styles. This guide will simplify your search and also help you make the right choice. 

Determine The Distance Between Faucet Holes. 

Before selecting a bathroom faucet, you need to know if it will fit in the pre-drilled holes. This is especially important for faucets with more than one outlet. The centre point of the holes should match those on the faucets. 

Measure The Distance Between The Wall And Faucet Holes. 

Obstructions, such as mirrors and cabinets, may make some faucets unsuitable for your vanity. You don’t want to buy a faucet because it looks nice, only to discover you cannot use it. 

Bathroom faucets come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate some of these distractions. When you have all these measurements, you are less likely to pick the wrong faucet. 

Decide On The Type of Faucet 

Once you have the ideal faucet measurements, you can decide on the type of faucet you want. You may need to choose from:

  • Single-hole faucets. These faucets often come as a unit, and they can be fixed in a single drilled hole. It is made up of a spout and mixing handles. They are suitable for small sinks. 
  • Centre-set faucets. These faucets look great in almost all modern bathroom vanities. These faucets either come with a single lever or two handles, often mounted on a 6-inch plate. 
  • Wall-mount faucets. These faucets are popular with free-standing sinks or those that require faucets with long spouts. 
  • Widespread mounts. These faucets have three main pieces, two handles, and a spout. They are all separate. The handles are usually at least 8 inches apart. Unlike other bathroom faucets, these tend to be larger. The smaller versions of the widespread mounts are known as mini spreads. The distance between the handles of mini spreads is 4 inches. 

The Faucet And Sink Should Complement Each Other. 

Ensure you choose a faucet that is proportionate to your sink. The spout should not be too short or too close to the edge of the sink. The faucet should be high enough for you to use it comfortably. If the faucet is wrong for the sink, water may splash out. You will not only be stuck with a faucet that is unsuitable, but you will now have to worry about water wastage. 

Choose The Ideal Faucet Handle.

Bathroom faucets have different types of handles. They work differently, and they appeal in different ways. You may have to choose between single, two-handle, touchless, and touch-activated faucets. 

The faucet gives the faucet character and contributes significantly to the faucet’s appeal. If you have many people using the sink, touchless or touch-activated taps may be suitable. The faucets also add a touch of class to your bathroom. 

Two-handle faucets come in different styles. So, you still get to choose a faucet of your preferred style and size. 

Choose Your Preferred Finish

The finishing on modern bathroom faucets is one of their most attractive features. The finishing often influences the bathroom decor. 

The popular faucet finishes include Chrome, Gold & Brass, Black, Bronze, Stainless, and Nickel Tones. 

You can coordinate the tone of the bathroom faucet with other bathroom accessories, such as the toilet holder, towel holders, and lighting fixtures.