How do all the treatments for pain relief stack up

How do all the treatments for pain relief stack up?

Any pain which lasts for longer than a few months is termed chronic pain. A few special cases of chronic pain cannot be cured but most other types can be cured depending on the treatment used. The first step to curing chronic pain is to understand what is causing the pain and where exactly the pain is coming from. This is arguably the most important step as understanding the pain helps you choose the right course of action. The second step consists of choosing the right treatment for your pain. The choice you make depends on-

� How long the pain has lasted
� How severe the pain is
� What’s causing the pain
� Where the pain is coming from

Types of pain relief treatments

A magnetic patch from PIP Singapore which makes a back pain patch Singapore is your best bet to curing your chronic pain as it can cure a whole host of pains. The magnetic patch is a one size fits all type of treatment while other treatments are for more specific kinds of pains. It is also very cost effective when compared to the other treatments in this list.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is another type of treatment in which a doctor targets the specific nerve that sends pain signals to your brain. The doctor uses a needle with a tip that heats up to zap the nerve so that it cannot send the signal anymore. RFA relieves pain for up to a year and isn’t very cost effective versus magnet patches which are cost effective and can completely cure chronic pain.

Pain shots are another option in which a doctor uses an x ray to find out where to put specific medicines that he will recommend. Steroids and anaesthetics are prominently used in this type of treatment. Many people stay away from this treatment over magnetic treatment because of the use of drugs and chemicals in pain shots. Magnetic treatment is natural and completely drug and chemical free.

Opioids are different from Pain shots in the way they are administered. A pain shot is injected into the bloodstream while an Opioid is consumed. Opioids are dangerous because they have shown many harmful side effects like drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, addiction, accidental overdose, dizziness and constipation. It is understandable why people would like to stay away from opioids when they could undergo magnetic therapy to achieve similar long lasting results.