Tips for Designing the Perfect Customised Lanyard 

man jumping in the air with huge customised lanyard

Why Would One Want A Customised Lanyard?

Customised lanyards are great for identifying employees, especially when they don’t wear uniforms. They are also great for controlling access to events, such as festivals, conferences, and private parties. Lanyards also make it easy to store security key cards. 

If you are organizing an event or designing personalised lanyards in Singapore, these tips will help you create unique and attractive lanyards.  

Use Your Company Colours.

Some people assume that the colour of the lanyard is insignificant, but this is not true. Consistency is key when marketing your brand. The lanyard may be a small item, but it can be an awesome marketing tool if you use a colour that can easily be associated with your brand. 

Use Contrasting Colours

Anyone who notices the customised lanyard should be able to read the text easily. You can achieve this by using contrasting colours. For example, if you are organizing an event and wish to show the corporations funding the event, you can list them on the custom lanyard in contrasting colours. This way, those attending can notice, from a distance, the companies that support the event. 

Keep It Simple

When designing lanyards in Singapore, it is important to consider their function. Customised lanyards are part often part of the work uniform for employees. Visitors to a company will also be more comfortable wearing a visitor’s tag that contrasts with their appearance. 

On its own, the customised lanyard should be attractive. However, if the design is simple, it can easily complement the dress code of the employees and visitors. 

Choose One Font

If you intend to use text on the personalised lanyard, it is best to use the same font. When you use different fonts, those who notice the lanyard may fail to notice some of the text because one font may stand out. Using the same font gives a sense of continuity. If, for example, you wish to distinguish the name of the event from the type of pass, you can choose to use a different size or colour. 

The Fabric Of The Lanyard Matters

When requesting personalised lanyards in Singapore, you will likely be given different options regarding the choice of fabric. Some of the common lanyard fabrics are nylon, polyester, cotton, and soft satin. 

The type of printing will influence your choice of fabric. For example, cotton absorbs heat efficiently and is the only lanyard fabric capable of withstanding full-colour printing through heat transfer. 

Customised lanyard made from soft satin is durable. If you need personalised lanyards for a single event, you may opt to get those made from polypropylene. 

The custom lanyards should also be comfortable, especially if one is to use one for hours. Considering the high temperatures in Singapore, the ideal fabric should not irritate the skin. 

Consider The Dimensions Of The Lanyard.

Before coming up with a design, it is important to consider the space you have available. The size of the lanyard often depends on the fabric. Some companies in Singapore give multiple dimensions to allow you to choose the lanyard that you can afford and one that is most suitable for the customised lanyards. 

For example, you may opt for a 1-inch-wide lanyard if you want to use a large font and have much to write, or a thinner lanyard if you don’t need much space. It will be easier to design a lanyard for specific dimensions instead of resizing the design to fit into the dimensions of the customised lanyard. 

In Conclusion 

These tips will help ensure you work faster and have the perfect design for the customised lanyard. If the lanyards are expected to last a long time, you need to ensure you get everything right to avoid requesting replacements after a few weeks. Grab a customised lanyard in Singapore from reputable suppliers that can help you design something cool.