How to Maximize the Use of Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic display stands improve the image of your office and brand. The unique features of acrylic stands make it easier for businesses to decide which acrylic stand holder to acquire for the business. While it may be easy to decide the best size, colour, and design of the acrylic stand for your business, the challenge is determining the thickness.

Most of the freestanding acrylic display stands have thick panels to ensure the stand can hold its weight and the items on display. The greatest challenge is on acrylic stand holders. How often has the pen holder on your desk toppled over because it is too light? What is the appropriate thickness?

An acrylic display stand for business cards or brochures doesn’t need to be very thick because the items it holds are lightweight. A heavy item may cause a small acrylic display stand to tip over if it is not thick enough to carry the weight. How can you identify the ideal small acrylic stand holder for the items you have in mind?

Your budget influences the type of stand you buy

The acrylic stand’s thickness is what determines the price. This explains why an acrylic display stand of the same size and design is available at different prices. Before buying an acrylic stand, it is best to consider what you need it for. This will help you choose an acrylic stand holder that will withstand the weight of the items.

The thicker acrylic stand costs more because it consumes more material. You will need to find a balance between a cost-effective acrylic stand and its suitability. You also don’t want to unnecessarily spend too much on a thick acrylic stand holder when a thinner one could have worked.

Consider the future use of the acrylic stand

The acrylic stand display has multiple functions. Today, a desktop acrylic stand may be suitable for business cards, but tomorrow you may want to use it for something else. If you anticipate using products that weigh slightly more in the future, you should buy a stand with a higher loading capacity.

Acrylic stands with a thickness of between 3mm and 5mm are usually perfect for holding products of different weights. However, if you are displaying light items, like brochures and business cards, a 2mm thickness is enough.

Improve the performance of small acrylic stand holders

If you already have small stand holders but are worried they are not thick enough, you can take several steps to improve the acrylic stand’s performance. However, improving the acrylic stand’s stability should not be at the expense of the products on display.

You can take measures to make small display stands more stable, but if you are likely to incur losses if the products on display fall over, it is best to get a thicker acrylic stand.

A small acrylic stand holder can be made more stable when you;

  • Add rubber feet to provide extra cushioning.
  • Use bonding glue to make the stand stronger and firmer. This glue is slow drying, so you should wait a while before using the acrylic stand.

Fortunately, acrylic display stands are not costly. If you need to get thicker stands, you should still consider getting them and continue using the small display stands for light items. Alternatively, get an acrylic stand with sufficient support to allow the stand to hold many or heavier items for display.