Magnetic Therapy Where it All Began

Magnetic Therapy: Where it All Began

As we are all aware, the use of magnetic therapy is rampant nowadays. You can find magnet-made relief products in drugstores, wellness centers and trading places all over the world. Scientists and people have learned to use it in ways that are convenient for anyone who will use it. Thus, for those who wonder how this kind of alternative healing began, the first thing to look up is history because that where evidences is found way before researchers have conducted their study on magnetic therapy.

The never-ending question in the history is, “does it work”? It is ironic because how are we supposed to know if we are not to try? To answer this without taking risks, we refer to the records and testimonies present.

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To see how this practice innovates, we will read an article written by Richard C. Senelick, M.D.

Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Pain?

Almost every sporting goods store, pro-shop or web page has an advertisement for therapeutic magnets with claims of pain relief and a better golf game. There are magnetic bracelets, necklaces, shoes inserts, mattress covers, head bands and, yes, dog collars. It certainly isn’t new. But, is there any scientific evidence to support all of these claims? Read full article here

There are no specific names or places that are believed to be the origin of magnetic therapies but studies have found that is being using all over the world even before industrial revolutions took place. Being used by Kings and Queens in the early centuries, magnetic therapy has proved its effect to one’s health over time. Before it is cultivated to as mattresses, jewelries and binders, people have used the stone itself and this is probably why people in the early age had so many superstitions and belief about alchemy, magic and witchcraft.

For the next article written by sshowalter for FoundHealth, let’s take is when therapeutic magnets are first used.

History of Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy has a long history in traditional folk medicine. Reliable documentation tells us that Chinese doctors believed in the therapeutic value of magnets at least 2,000 years ago, and probably earlier than that. In sixteenth century Europe, Paracelsus used magnets to treat a variety of ailments. Read full article here

To end the fallacy, modern physicians and scientists have conducted several studies and experiences to know—or for some, to show that magnetic therapy works for some. Using technology, they are able to identify the materials used in the magnets and how they react to the chemical and physical aspects in the body. Together, they are able to use magnetic fields to ease chronic illnesses as well as devices that can detect or diagnose an occurring one.

By doing this, the days of mystery and guessing why is this certain type of stone is magical. Well, in a sense, it is magical because it can relieve chronic pains and disorders in no time and eventually, get rid of them. Understanding how our human body works by the cell level gives us a better perspective on how to treat common illnesses without taking medication and suffering from its side effects.

For the last article by Dr. Jockers, we will be able to know how the effect takes place to our body.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?:

Magnets work by improving circulation to the damaged region and improving the injured cell’s polarity.  Magnet energy is considered a catalyst which speeds up biological processes and enables the body to reduce inflammation and heal itself.  Magnets also speed up circulation improve oxygen and nutrient absorption into the targeted cells. Read full article here

In the theory of evolution of humans, we have passed the Stone Age and people from this era could also have possible used magnets in their daily lives. However, it could be of another form and appearance and we only know about it by artifacts. There are claims that magnets are first discovered in Greece but in some commentary, magnetic therapy is first used in the East. With this, there is no specific name of region mentioned that proves where magnetic therapy is invented.

Moving on, there is no other way but to improve the products we have today and the possibilities are endless. Some of the devices invented may be surprising but if you think about it, it is also what people in the ancient time have felt when they first discovered the use of magnetic therapy. The point is, no matter how many times and how many versions of tools human can create, the benefits of this alternative healing stays the same. Unless the manufacturer produces a substandard product, then magnetic therapy could be a fraud.