Rules To Follow When Making Custom Jerseys 

basketball jerseys hanging in a store

Why Do People Wear Jerseys In Sports?

Like in many other countries, sports are quite popular in Singapore. Sports are not just an important form of recreation, but Singaporeans are quite invested in competitive sports as well. Some of the popular sports include cricket, badminton, swimming, football, cycling, and rugby union. 

Besides the national structured sports, families, companies, and friends are often involved in different sports. When creating these teams, custom jersey Singapore is handy because it gives the team a professional look, even in informal competitions. 

If you are planning a team-building competition and would like to design jerseys, these rules will help you make the right decision.

Pick The Right Shirt Material.

For your team to perform optimally, the players need to be comfortable. The material of the custom jersey Singapore should be made of material that can withstand the activities. 

The common material recommended for sports jerseys is polyester because it is naturally breathable and has moisture-wicking characteristics. Unlike cotton, polyester does not hold water. So, you need not worry about the jersey retaining sweat. 

Additionally, polyester has been made to be soft, tough, and durable. Even in tough, competitive sports, polyester jerseys tend to remain intact. 

Pick A Lasting Print Method.

How often does your team meet for competitive games? If the custom jersey Singapore is expected to undergo frequent washes and handling, you need a print design jersey that will last. If your logo has one or two colours, screen printing is the ideal choice. Digital printing is great when dealing with many colours and complex designs. 

Have you noticed that some prints have cracks, especially on printed names and numbers? This makes it hard for fans to identify a player from a distance. Cracked numbers also make the referee’s work difficult. You can personalise the back of the jersey with vinyl-printed numbers and names for easy identification and a lasting outcome. 

Order Different Jerseys For Practice And Games

If you are on a budget and are concerned about ruining your design jerseys during practice, you can choose to have jerseys specifically made for practice. For example, you can choose better quality fabric for game-day custom jersey Singapore. This jersey can be made of polyester and personalised with the player’s name, number, and team logo. 

Practice design jerseys need not be fancy. For example, you can opt for mesh jerseys or t-shirts. You can find ways to make the shirts unique so that the coach can still keep track of the players according to their positions. For instance, you may opt to give players colours specific to the position that they play. 

Double-Check Your Order

Missed errors when ordering custom jersey Singapore can prove quite costly. Since each jersey is meant for a specific player, you need to have the size, number, and name right for each order. You don’t want to be stuck with jerseys where the names do not correspond with the player’s position. 

Such mistakes will cost you money, and you may miss out on critical games because the team does not have the right team jerseys. 


It takes a lot of planning when preparing jerseys for multiple members of the team. You need to know the ideal fabric and why it is the best. You need to know when to place the order and how long it will take to receive the customised designer sports jerseys in singapore. When you get everything right, your team will be comfortable and ready to face the competition.