Steps To Follow When Customising A Jacket 

man standing against wall with jacket

If you wish to customise a jacket, whether it is for your personal use or part of the promotional items for your business, you need to plan how you’ll go about it. Singapore has an average temperature of 25-31 degrees Celsius from January to December. However, the humidity level is also high at 70-80%. The jacket you choose should be suitable for Singapore’s weather patterns. 

Choose The Ideal Jacket. 

As mentioned, Singapore’s weather patterns should not be overlooked when deciding the type of custom jacket to use. However, the type of printing you wish to use will also influence the jacket you use. For example, embroidered logos look great on the fleece and track custom jacket Singapore, while screen prints are awesome on softshell and puffer jackets. 

Consider The Colour Of The Logo.

Before choosing the colour of the custom jacket Singapore, you need to consider the colour of the logo. If you will be embroidering or screen printing the logo, it is important to consider jacket colours that will enhance the logo design. You should avoid getting a jacket whose colour will overwhelm the logo. 

The Font Of The Text Matters

If you are adding any text to the custom jacket Singapore, it is important to consider the font. Pick a style that is attractive and easy to read. Some font styles look good but are not easy to read, especially when printed on fabric. Some are only visible when embroidered in a large size. If you wish to embroider text in a small size, then pick a font that will be easy to read, irrespective of the size. 

Check The Sample Before Mass Production.

If you are customising a large volume of custom jackets in Singapore, request a sample design on one jacket first. This will allow you to analyze the prints. If you need to make any changes to the design, this is the right time to do it. Should you skip this stage, you may miss out on the chance to make any changes when you have hundreds of custom jackets printed. 

Your Budget Vs. Unit Cost

Before placing your order, it is important to look at your budget against the cost of producing the custom jacket in Singapore. If you are customising one or a few jackets for your friends and family, you can request the number of jackets you need based on your budget. 

However, if the production is for your employees and business promotion, it is best to look at the price changes based on the volume of custom jackets. 

Some printing companies lower the unit cost of customising the jackets as the order increases. For example, someone with 1000 orders may pay less per unit than someone requesting 500 custom jackets in Singapore. 

If you intend to use the jackets as employee work uniforms, corporate gifts, and promotional items, you lose nothing by ordering as many jackets as possible. This is especially important if the unit price drops significantly with large orders. 

When done right, custom jackets look great and unique. They make great gifts and give the owners a sense of ownership they miss when wearing regular jackets.