Wooden Photo Blocks vs Frame Prints: Pros and Cons

For years, most people displayed their photos on frame prints. This was primarily because frame prints were the only option available. Today, frames are still being used in many homes. However, there are alternatives to frame prints, including wooden photo blocks and acrylic photo blocks.

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Frame prints are inexpensive.

Frame prints continue to be used in many homes, offices, and business premises because they are the cheapest way to display photos. Since the frames are available in various materials, including wood and metal, one can easily get one that is within their budget. They are also available in various sizes.

Wooden photo blocks are slightly more expensive than frame prints. This is probably because the process of making them is more delicate. Additionally, if one doesn’t have the right equipment, it is a difficult DIY project to undertake.

Some people choose to use frames prints for some photos and personalised wooden photo block for others to keep the costs low. Frame prints and wooden photo blocks complement each other, giving a sense of continuity when displayed together, especially if wood frames are used.

All images look good in frame prints.

Although we all want our best photos bringing our walls to life, it is much easier to choose photos to be framed. This is likely because the frame itself is part of the final display. Having a good frame is important because it will complement the photo.

You need to be careful when choosing wood photo prints. Since they are edge-to-edge, the entire focus is on the image. Anyone looking at the wooden photo block for the first time will focus entirely on the photo.

Your emotions, pose, and photo background will naturally be evident in wood photo prints. Wooden photo blocks can last years, so you want to make sure you have the best photo print.

You can comfortably handle frame prints.

In this era where people are exploring DIY projects, frame prints may be the one aspect of photography that anyone without experience can easily manage. If you have photos in your house that need new frames, you can easily replace the current frames without a professional’ help.

A personalised wooden photo block is a little more complicated. It requires greater skill, both in photography and printing. Additionally, you need the right equipment to pull off excellent printing. Granted, some people attempt DIY print photo on wood block, but it is easy to distinguish a professional’s work from an amateur.

Frame prints miss the “wow” effect.

Frame prints are often seen as regular photos, irrespective of the photograph’s appeal. On the other hand, Wooden photo blocks give one a pause, especially if the colour intensity is captivating.

When a professional photographer is taking photos specific for the wooden blocks, they are more cautious of the light, impact on the image, and the contribution of the surrounding to the overall outlook.

Everything about the photo needs to be perfect. This is why professionals touch up the images to ensure no blemish ruins the print photo on woodblock.

Wooden blocks are versatile and glare-free

Wooden photo prints are quite versatile. Whether you choose to hand them or place them on a desk, they never look out of place. They fit in with both modern and rustic interior d├ęcor.

Wooden photo blocks are glare-free, so you can place them anywhere in the house without worrying about the light. Unfortunately, since frame prints are covered with glass, they tend to have a glare. You need to be more intentional when deciding where to hang frame prints.

Wooden photo blocks can make excellent family heirlooms if well cared for. It is an excellent way to keep memories of loved ones. Such images should be protected and preserved at all costs. Moments in life pass quickly. Frame prints and wood photo prints are excellent for keeping the memories alive.